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24K Age Suspending Deep Facial Peeling


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Meticulously developed to bestow a robust, glowing texture upon your skin, Luminous Deep Facial Peeling provides an energetic facial cleansing by delicately removing dead tissue and skin cells. This revolutionary formula helps wash away pore-clogging residue and grime that causes inflammation, acne, and a multitude of other unsightly skin problems.


Purified water, Truffle, glycerin , ascorbic Acid , Vitamin E, 24K Gold, Caviar Green tea Extract, Jojoba Oil, Grape Seed, Vitamin C, Vitamin K, salicylic Acid, matricaria, chamomile extract, south sea pearl, aloe Barbandies (aloe Extract) Xenlhon Gum, Tocopheril Acetate.


Apply a thin layer to dry clean skin. Massage in circular motions until dry. Wash with warm water.


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